Naish SUP Board Glide Touring 12'6" GTW

Naish SUP Board Glide Touring 12'6" GTW

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Naish 2018 SUP Board Glide Touring 12'6" GTW

The Glide Touring 12'6" GTW is the ideal choice for riders of any level who want increased stability for touring, enjoying downwind ocean runs, recreational racing and fitness training.
Its developed rocker and bottom shape easily adapt to flatwater conditions while the tail rocker still allows for outstanding open ocean performance.
The 12'6" is incredibly fast and easier to maneuver and carry when compared to performance race boards.
It features a penetrating V nose and a flat rocker for phenomenal gliding performance and has ample thickness and width for stability and early planing on the open ocean in any conditions.


  • Half Deck Glass Reinforcement = Impact strength + durability
  • Glass Matrix Deck & Bottom = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • Molded EPS Closed Cell Core = Lightweight + resistant against potential water leakage
  • Visible Wood Sandwich Deck & Wood Bottom = Natural load spread + energetic flex
  • Length: 12'6" (appr. 381 cm)
  • Width: 29 3/4 (appr. 76cm)
  • Thickness: 6 3/4 (appr. 17 cm)
  • Volume: appr. 260 L
  • Weight: appr. 29lbs / 13 kg
  • Fin Box: US



  • MFC Center Fin 9.5
  • Ledge Handle
  • EVA Deckpad


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Modelljahr 2018
Größe 381 x 75,6 x 17 cm
Bauweise fest
Länge 12'6"